Are you a B2B business owner? Do you think you are converting high-quality leads and your conversions are enough? That’s cool. If you don’t think so and need more quality leads and conversions, then you are in the right place. Kamsys is a B2B lead generation company in India offering various services in and outside the country. We are providing the best database particularly researched and analyzed for your business needs. We build your customized list by industry, company name, job role, professional, phone no, email and demographics. We are also offering e-commerce marketplace solutions including Amazon and eBay. Having a handful of experience in the marketing field, we are providing the best serivices including…


Lead Generation


Email list building


Market Research


Email Marketing


Digital Marketing


The Highest Quality Data
at the Best Price.

f you are looking for consumer marketing lists to grow your business, look no further. We provide the most complete profile of consumers in the U.S. and at a guaranteed best rate. If you currently buy data from another company – we will will beat their price and quality.

What our Marketing Lists include:

Consumer Data With Contact Information.

Consumer Data With Contact Information.

Consumer Data With Contact Information.

Consumer Data With Contact Information.

Flexible Pricing

We provide flexible pricing to allow you to scale and continue to purchase more data for future campaigns.

Flexible Pricing

We provide flexible pricing to allow you to scale and continue to purchase more data for future campaigns.

Flexible Pricing

We provide flexible pricing to allow you to scale and continue to purchase more data for future campaigns.

Flexible Pricing

We provide flexible pricing to allow you to scale and continue to purchase more data for future campaigns.

We provide lead generation service through appointment setting, email marketing, cold calling, etc.

Content Marketing

Kamsys creates quality content in the forms of text, infographics, videos, blogs, etc. with a primary focus on educating the customers, not selling. Our expert copywriting team takes care of your content. We, a lead generating company in India provides you with the great content that attracts more conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Attracting customers from social media are one of the effective ways to generate more leads. If you are running a B2B business, then LinkedIn is the best option and if you owning B2C business, then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the best option. These social icons are precise for your lead conversion.

PPC & Display ads

Pay Per Clicks contain keywords that are most relevant to your business and they also appear on page one result of SERP. Display ads lead the audience to your landing page thus creating chances of conversion and it collects the audience details. We focus on this display ads and PPC (Pay Per Click), too.

Organic Search Results

We, more than relying on PPC and display ads, it’s more effective to work on Search Engine Optimization Services. People are more likely to click on organic results rather clicking on ads on SERP. Organic clicks are having more chances for conversion in your business. Get in touch with us.

Webinars & Seminars

Kamsys organize seminars and webinars on a particular topic that your company focusses on. We will collect the attendee details like their name, phone number, email id, organization, their position, city, etc. As they are interested in your topic, there are lot more chances to convert them as leads.

Cold Calling

From various resources, we will collect a bunch of database of phone numbers for our clients. Cold calling helps to convert your prospective customer into a real-time customer. By explaining about your product or offering some discounts through phone calls will help in the lead generation.

Get outbound lead generation services from Kamsys

Open up to more opportunities with the best B2B lead generation company in India

Are you looking for the best business to business (B2B) lead generation companies in India? Then you are in the right place. It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup company or a large business owner, you need quality leads to increase conversions and revenue. Lead generation is fairly a core activity of Marketing. Kamsys provides lead generation services for contractors, small businesses, real estate, accountants and higher education in India. As a leading B2B lead generation agency,  we start your lead generation process by finding out where your target market is on the web.

We are the best B2B Lead Generation company providing business email database and B2B list building services in India by identifying and cultivating the potential customers for your business product. Kamsys tries to provide a complete list of lead conversion possibilities for your business. We provide information about people, like their name, organization, email id, social profile id or phone number, all of which your organization can initiate a business relationship with them. Our lead generation contract is economical and we assure you with the best return on investment. Instead of maintaining marketing and sales teams for your company, it is better to collect the lead database from us. It’s not much costlier than the salaries for your marketing team.

What you get from Kamsys on Lead Generation:

  1. High Conversion Leads
  2. 1 Million+ leads converted for 150+ companies
  3. Demographic-based lead database providers
  4. Low-Budget lead generation database services
  5. Pay for what you get
  6. ROI in a short period

Kamsys is specialized in providing Indian email list building services in India at an affordable cost. Our lead generation agency hand pick CEOs, VPs and Board of Directors data from more than 30 resources like Angel.co, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. As a best business email database providers in India, we collect and filters the lead based on particular businesses, our list will be so accurate and ejects no bounce back emails.

We have more than 1Million+ leads converted for 150+ companies in India thus becoming one of the emerging lead generation database provider in India. We offer, pay only for what you get. We assure your ROI in a short period. Lead Generation is a marketing process of finding out potential customers who are more likely to become a customer immediately or maybe sometimes later (Lead is simply a person who can be converted into a customer).

Kamsys E-mail Lead Generation Process:

  1. We have an expert team who would analyze your target audience.
  2. They will classify database in terms of Geography, Industry, Size and Decision Maker.
  3. By using multiple industry tools, our team will collect data from platforms like Angel.co, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  4. Enrich database with direct official email-id of the ideal decision makers.
  5. Then, we’ll Provide reports and analytics of lead generation efforts to you.

High-Quality Listings

We provide accurate database for your business needs. Our data list will bounce back zero emails. Accurate details mean less time, more conversion for your business. We hand pick CEOs, VPs and Board of Directors of various businesses from various resources. By using multiple tools, we produce the best leads for your business.

Dedicated Experts

Kamsys employes best minds in the field of lead generation and email leads. Our industry experts in the fields of content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, lead generation, event organizers. We are striving towards providing the best techniques and data to make more conversions and increased revenue for your business.

High Conversion Rates

Kamsys offers better quality leads for businesses. We collect our database from more than 30 resources. The lead generation software available in W3 is no just enough to convert leads. We get our data from Angel.co, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. As we back-check leads, the probability of conversion of lead is too high.

Region & industry Leads

Kamsys offers leads based on a particular region as well as industry. We offer lead generation for small businesses, real estate, accountants, contractors, education, etc. We build your customized list by industry, company name, job role, professional, phone no, email and demographics.

Reduced cost per lead

Cost-per-lead is an important metric of lead generation. Of course, we are providing an excellent database for your business for leads conversion. But, at the same time, we are not that much costly. We are doing marketing deals at a very competitive price.

Customer Support

We are providing customer support to the buyers at the right time and thus helps in maintaining healthy leads and conversions. We are here to answer. For any queries or doubts related to leads, you can contact us 24/7. After all, we are here to help your conversions.

Sell more with the best Amazon listing optimization service in India

Open up to more opportunities with AMAZON MARKETPLACE SOLUTIONS

Kamsys is an amazon marketplace solution providing company providing great Amazon product listing optimization services, Amazon seller central inventory management services, Amazon store catalog management services, amazon seller support providers in India. Amazon is the world’s leading E-commerce marketplace vendor averaging 183 million users per month. Then why get less sales in your Amazon store? Do you think that just launching and listing your products in Amazon will bring in sales? It is not so. There are various factors which affect your sales and which can be improvised. Kamsys helps you to set up a creative and well-optimized product listing and store management services. As a best Amazon product listing services company in India, we help you to create an Amazon store in such a way that you can reach out millions of people, effective conversion and more sales revenue. The store optimization process is a creative process and involves a multi-step process. Our SEO experts will write SEO copywriting based on your business needs. At the same time, while writing content for Amazon product listing optimization, we will focus on Amazon keyword optimization will be done simultaneously.

Find the best Amazon FBA inventory management and Store setup services from Kamsys

Amazon FBA Management

kamsys is an Amazon FBA inventory management service providers in India. Joining hands with us for Fulfillment by Amazon is an easy way to grow your business. Kamsys helps you by setting up and managing your FBA in India.  Amazon FBA expert work to manage your Amazon FBA store, maintain, pick, pack and ship your products through Amazon.

Amazon Optimization

Kamsys employs brilliant minds to optimize your Amazon store. We develop great strategies to increase your products visibility in the Amazon store. We are looking very close to the working of Amazon Search Algorithms. Proper Keyword research, Product title, informative description are some of the factors which affect your Amazon store visibility.

Amazon PPC experts

Kamsys takes care of Amazon PPC management services and creates a powerful ad campaign for your products. Our Amazon PPC experts work on keyword research for Amazon products with the help of the world’s best techniques and tools. Once the keywords for Amazon product listing optimization services are taken, then our Amazon SEO expert will write the description content.

Marketplace Management

By analyzing the competitor products, we will come up with the most effective way to increase your search visibility in Amazon. We will research the keywords that are more relevant, high volume terms for your target product. Our amazon listing management services include tracking insights from Amazon store. The product description, title, image and URLs will be optimized for the Search engine.

Seller Management

Kamsys is one of the best in Amazon seller account management services provider in India. We list down thousands of your products in Amazon seller portal with utmost accuracy and information. By optimizing your Amazon store, we help you to reach your products worldwide. We create product display ads to increase traffic. We support multi-variation products, resolve AFIN issues, bulk-upload errors and create search engine friendly URLs.

Vendor Management

Kamsys provides the best support in maintaining and optimizing the vendor central store. Our Amazon listing experts manage bulk upload products from various manufacturers and create an effective title, description, search-engine friendly URL, track product inventory, pricing, and retail analytics. With the handful of experience in this field, we help you to reach a better audience with proper Amazon keyword research techniques.

How Kamsy rank well in Amazon product listing optimization service

Keyword Research

We will research the keywords that are more relevant, high volume, high-opportunity terms for your target product. The next process will be content writing and our industrial expert copywriting team will create powerful content.

Title Optimization

Our content writing team will create a powerful product title in such a way that it will convince the shoppers to click. We incorporate brand and description, Product line, Material or key ingredient, Color, Size, and Quantity.

Perfect Description

The product description will be written in a clear way to increase the visibility and it is designed with bullet points comprising information-rich key selling points. The description in simple terms will answer the searchers’ query.

Competitor Research

By analyzing the competitor products, we will come up with the most effective way to increase your search visibility in Amazon. We will keep tracking the insights from Amazon store thus changing strategies frequently.

Optimizing Images

We strongly follows Amazon’s image guidelines. We upload 1000*1000 pixel images enabling zoom features. Our expert team suggests that zoom has proven to enable sales. The increased sale means an increase in visibility.

Track Progress

Just optimizing products may increase sales boost but it doesn’t last forever. We used to keep track the progress of your products. By analyzing the results, we will formulate more strategies to increase the visibility and conversions.

Getting Reviews

Our Amazon FBA listing expert strongly recommends that getting frequent reviews from customers will definitely impact product visibility and conversion rates. So, we keep track the customers and get reviews by sending emails.

International List

Are you looking to sell your products globally? No problem. We are optimizing your Amazon store to sell globally. When it comes to global ranking Amazon keywords, no one can beat Kamsys Amazon listing optimation service.

How Kamsys build high-quality emails and other lead generations list…


To generate quality leads which produce zero bounce backs, we first completely understand your business. Our industry experts will look at every nook and corner of your business and once they completely understand your business, they will proceed further.


After understanding your business needs, target audience & geography, we will start researching and collect the best info for your range of sources. Providing email database of Indian business & companies is simple and more effective if researched effectively.


Kamsys will start analyzing the data collected as a result of researching your business. We know marketing goal without data is like driving a car with eyes closed. Our experts will torture the data until it confesses to everything. We’ll listen carefully while data talks.


As the best lead generating company in India, we sketch the best-proven techniques for your sales lead generation for your business at a low cost and will jumpstart your marketing and sales pipeline to provide sales-ready leads in a matter of weeks, not months

E-commerce Services

Leverage your business
on the e-marketplace like never before.


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E bay Marketplace Solutions


Multi-channel E commerce Services

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We have rolled out more than 190+ successful projects till date satisfying 600+ clients across the globe. Currently, we are an optimistic team of 60+ experts and are quick expanding by having an immense knowledge and 5+ years of experience in this marketing field.

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