Contact details for Parks Departments in American cities

Contact details of Department of Parks and Recreation in American cities

Contact details for Parks Departments in American cities

Type of Industry:



Email List Building

Nature of the project

The project objective was to identify potential partners for 2017-18 fitness campaign program organized by the client. This involved collection of contact information of Park Departments in various American cities. The information collected will be entered into a simple spreadsheet or similar and provided to the client who will be using it to contact them and brief them on the campaign program and also request them for funding for setting up outdoor gyms (Fitness Courts).

Emails and phone numbers of the following roles in park departments were requested by the client:

  1. Director
  2. Admin Assistant
  3. Councilmember – any member that is NOT head or chair of council
  4. Downtown Development Authority – any person associated with the DDA, preferably head or chair of committee
  5. Public Information Officer
  6. Community or Economic Development Director

Project execution/ outcome

Our team accessed through various park and recreation directories in US and obtained a list of directories for all the states in US. After obtaining the list we moved on with finding their emails and direct phone numbers through LinkedIn, Manta and various other government directories and validated the same using email verification software and 99% of the emails were found valid and the client’s fitness campaign turned out to be a great success.

Final Output:

City Name – Website Url of the park – Park phone number – Contact name – Contact email address – Contact phone number – Location.

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