Monthly Active Users

Finding entertainment and gaming websites based on its average monthly traffic

Monthly Active Users

Type of Industry:



Company Scouting, Email List Building

Nature of the project

The project objective was to find entertainment and gaming websites that has monthly page views of more than 1 Million, and the website must be from English speaking countries and also it must have Google advertisement on the site. The required fields requested by the client were: Website Domain Name, Owner Name, Contact Email, Link to Contact Form.

Project execution/ outcome

We had researched through various websites having puzzles, memory games, brain games, words quotes, dictionaries, checkmate, online board games, song lyrics, language, history, poetry, calculators, calendars, holidays, traditions, printable stuff, magic spells, tricks, jokes, astronomy tabs and more. Values of monthly active users and monthly page views were accurately derived using various online tools. The project was successful with more than 200 leads and still we have ongoing tasks with the client.

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