Identifying suppliers and distributors of cleaning products

Identifying suppliers and distributors of cleaning products

Identifying suppliers and distributors of cleaning products

Type of Industry:

Suppliers and Distributors


Email List Building, Market Research

Nature of the project

The project’s objective was to find a list of designations in the following criteria. Large production plants in pharmaceutical, microelectronics, biotechnology, laboratories, surgical, aerospace, vertical agriculture, aeronautical. Product must be in Controlled environment apparels (also called cleanroom apparels or critical environment apparels) Special treated coverall + eyewear + respiratory products to be used in sterile or clean room environment. Locations are 40% USA 30% Europe 20% Asia 10% rest of the world

Their current role/title include: Senior Operations Directors/VP, Senior Quality Control Directors / VP. Required columns/fields to be filled/found are: Company Name, General Company Email Address, Website, Company Linkedin, Country, Address, Type of Business, Company Size, Contact Person First Name, Contact Person Last Name, Title, Email, Phone Number, Contact Person Linkedin.

Project execution/ outcome

Based on the client requirement we used some directories to find the cleanroom suppliers. We took the companies that manufacturing the products and also supplying their products.

Difficulties faced in the project:

  • Many companies were only manufacturing not suppliers
  • If the suppliers are found that they not supply the cleanroom products.
  • Persons and Email not available for the some of the companies.
  • We came up with solutions for the above problems faced by the client and the project was more than success giving a competitive advantage for our client to market their service in this niche industry.

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