Company Scouting

Company Scouting

In many cases clients don’t approach list of companies or contacts to work for. Instead, they have a particular sketch of their target clients. Company Scouting is a process of screening or qualifying a list of companies based on several filters. This is a predominant part where we fit your ideas into reality.

We screen or scrap the companies through various filters such as

Industry to be focused
The first and foremost filter is identifying the industry to be focused. We have worked on different categories of business ranging from niche to common ones. Some of them include IT, Manufacturing, Pharma, Education, Banking, Real Estate, Recruiting, Power sector, Government Registries, Restaurants and hotels, Accommodation, Sports, Legal and many more.

Revenue of the company
The ultimate goal of any business is to successfully deliver its service or the product to its target. It’s not that your service may fit all companies but with the help of filtering based on revenue, there is higher possibility of sales conversion. For instance, if you need us to focus on companies having Annual revenue greater than 10 Million USD, we can obtain a list based on your requirement.

Employee size
Similar to Revenue, the employee size of the company is also a prime filter used for a targeted focus. We can obtain companies with any range of employee size as listed below but not limited to:

Company Employee Size
Small scale companies 1 to 10 and 11 to 50
Medium scale companies 51 to 100 and 100 to 500
Large scale companies 500 to 1000 and above 1000

Geographical location
One of the most important thing widely used for filtering the companies is geographical location. Your target market can be countries such as US, UK, AUS etc or even a particular city or state in a country. We can go a mile above in identifying the companies within a particular distance of radius from a given city/county. Eg: If you need a list of banks within a 3 mile radius from San Diego,CA we can obtain those without a second thought.

Software or Technology used by the company
Obtaining the list of companies that make use of a particular software or technology is quite impossible and most of the company fails here. It is this part where our unique skills come into play. Using our expertise and tools we can obtain the companies based on the Software, CRM, ERP, Website technology, Plugins used by them.

Database cleansing
Apart from company scouting, we also provide Database cleansing for the existing data that you already have. Let the data be from any external sources or directories or from your existing CRM, we help in cleansing the data by detecting and correcting the outdated ones and replacing the same with updated ones.

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