Company Scouting

Company Scouting

Targeting and customizing the right customer for a service
should be the key decision for a business to move forward

Finding the right target audience is not easy and often you are bound to get a lot of questions that are unanswered. Here we present you the most common questions with solutions:

The perfect solution for you to not break your head on answering such questions is to get assistance from an expert list builder. A list builder will understand your requirement and finds your target audience based on well-defined criteria. Our list building expertise in the field and the dedicated specialized team go that extra step to compile and deliver a quality company list to match the requirements. The customized list follows the industry standards to find the right prospect, build a relationship, saves time and reduce marketing costs.

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We screen your target companies based on following filters:


Targeting list of business ranging from niche to common ones, as per the requirement


Filtering target customers by revenue increases the possibility of sales conversion

Employee Size

Required target list based on employee size and identifying the small, medium and large-scale companies

Geographical Location

Identifying the target companies as per the prescribed geographical location, which includes particular distance or radius

Software or Technology

Using quality tools to obtain the list of companies that make use of a particular software or technology

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