Email marketing

Reach out, make your brand known with tried, tested and always successful email marketing

With a smart approach, the significant software, and the proper messages for appropriate people at the right time can turn a 100-word email message into thousands of returns. All you need is an email marketing plan.

How we do Email Marketing?

One of the biggest challenges for email marketers is “targeting recipients with highly relevant content.”

Kamsys overcomes this challenge by sending them a colorful, informative email that looks great on all type of browsers , also on Mobile, Desktop etc. We code and design clean, responsive emails which will attract users’ attention and get you noticed.

We use the market’s leading email marketing software which allows you to send mailing list of any size and also monitors any bounce backs. Thus, a well-designed and well-executed email marketing message reminds prior and existing customers, as well as potential customers, to visit your website and triggers them to do so.

Email Marketing

Why Kamsys?

Sending emails are easy but creating an effective email marketing strategy best suited to engage all your customers is a challenging task.

At Kamsys, our team of email experts look beyond the single send to the intricacies of template design, optimizing your sales and automation emails for performance by utilizing best strategy, design, tools, and implementation which gives you consistent open rates and click- throughs to your website.

With a strategy from Kamsys, you can

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    Promote your brand recognition.
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    Encourage new and returning customers by linking to your website.
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    Build an audience of brand-loyal enthusiasts who want to regularly hear from you.

At the heart of any successful email marketing campaign is customer retention and relationship building, and we configure every email marketing campaign with that end goal in mind.


Our Approach

Kamsys takes care of your complete email marketing strategy from template design to tracking and reporting.

Email Marketing

Creating Best Email Marketing Strategy

Our team develops creative and attractive strategies so that it attracts target audiences and establishes their needed information

Email Template

Email Template Design

Our innovative designs and solutions are compliant and improve email deliverability. Our professional designers bring your message to life and increase your target audience’s engagement with your brand.

Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Our experts would design, build and send an email template for communication with your customers as well as manage your email marketing campaign which boosts your sales and profitability.


Tracking & Reporting

We can send you regular statistics of your campaign such as open rates, forwards, links they click on and bounce backs. We can exactly show you about your customer’s interests towards your email campaign.

Services offered by us

Our email marketing services mainly concentrate on the goals you have for your organization and we provide the following services to boost your sales and profitability.

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    Email Newsletters- It is a report containing information about your organization. The content of email newsletters varies with each edition that is sent typically on a regular interval to your customers.
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    Email Automation- It enables you to send out messages to your customers at a designated time. It actually allows business owners to develop closer relationships with their customers by maintaining effective communication and brand awareness.
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    Lead nurturing- It’s the process of developing relationships with your customers at every stage of the sales pipeline and through every step of the customer’s journey.
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    Behaviour Based Emails- Sending targeted emails to your customers based on their actions and behaviors, is one of the most valuable email strategies an inbound business can adopt.
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    Video tutorial- It contains PowerPoint slides which explain a technical difficulty or particular topic in which your customer is interested in or may contain an inspirational talk by an expert professional from your company.
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    Important news and announcements- Email that holds your company’s upcoming news and announcements particularly for your existing customers.
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    Company event promotions- It is an occasion that draws the attention of your customers towards your company.
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    Product promotions- It is one of the necessities for getting your brand in front of the public and attracting new customers.
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    Special and online bonus offers- Surprise your existing customers by providing them special and bonus offers exclusively for them.

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