Company Scouting

No more shooting in the dark- Aim for predetermined target companies

Targeting and customizing the right customer for a service should be the key decision for a business to move forward

Finding the right target audience is not easy since it isn’t possible to reach everyone at once, narrowing the focus on a core audience helps to develop an effective marketing strategy.

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We screen your target companies based on following filters



Identifying target list based on the type of industry and different categories of business saying from niche to common ones.



Filtering target customers by revenue increases the possibility of sales conversion


Employee Size

Identifying required target list based on employee size and classifying the companies as small, medium and large-scale.


Geographical Location

Identifying the target companies as per the prescribed geographical location, even within a particular distance of the radius of the mentioned location.


Software or Technology

Using quality tools to obtain the list of companies that make use of a particular software or technology

Company Scouting

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Note: We do not sell email databases. Rather your lists are worked from the scratch by our research team.

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