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B2B Lead Generation Company in India & USA

We are the best B2B Lead Generation company providing business email database and B2B list building services in India & USA by identifying and cultivating the potential customers for your business product. Kamsys tries to provide a complete list of lead conversion possibilities for your business. We provide information about people, like their name, organization, email id, social profile id or phone number, all of which your organization can initiate a business relationship with them. Our lead generation contract is economical and we assure you with the best return on investment. Instead of maintaining marketing and sales teams for your company, it is better to collect the lead database from us. It’s not much costlier than the salaries for your marketing team.

Lead Generation Process

The buying process, as well as customers mindset, has changed and the marketers have to find out new ways to attract potential customers. But it’s more challenging to get new customers with the old marketing ideas and team. But the new form called lead generation will solve this issue for you. Are you looking for the best B2B lead generation companies in India or US? Then you are in the right place. Experience the proven techniques and strategies to bring new customers to your market place. Every day, we research thousands of new leads for our clients based on their Ideal Customer profiles (ICP). Each lead is researched and handpicked by our web research experts and verified by our proprietary software and reviewed by our quality checking team. Our leads are 100% accurate.

Lead Generation Process
Lead Generation Tools

Don’t waste money by spending on lead generation tools

The process of lead generation starts with the basic and in-depth analysis of your products and services and your competitor. At the end of this research, we will figure the right audience and we will develop the perfect lead generating strategy for your business. Based on these audiences, we will focus on building great content. We, then share this content in multiple high authoritative domains and articles. By promoting and managing these strategies perfectly, we can attract more potential customers. Another one important step in lead generation process is creating the perfect landing pages.

Don’t waste money by spending on lead generation tools

Most of the lead generation tools available in the market does not provide targeted leads and there is 25% to 35% bouncing rate of emails. Many of the leads provided are not updated and is not suitable for a niche market. So it is always better to involve human intelligence in lead generation which outlasts the tool in every way. By calling your customers on phone, sending emails about your new blog, product offers, videos, etc, you can attract people to fall in love with your products.

Lead Generation Tools

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will it take to build a list of leads?

Every project varies, but usually, we shall build a list of 500 contacts in 2 days.

Do you provide a lead list for non–US locations?

Yes we do provide lead lists for locations like UK, Australia, Canada, Israel, Middle East, China, India, etc. (This also includes states of each country)

What are the details you provide for each of the lead?

We provide details like company name, Company website, Contact name, contact title, Contact email, Company address, Company phone number.

Do I need to signup for a monthly contract?

No, it is too hard to predict when you’ll need leads and what kind of leads.

Example of a lead generation?

If you organize a seminar and ask the people for their name, email id, phone number, organization name, their position, etc then it is an example of lead generation. If a visitor leaves a comment with email id in the comments section or if they signup for email notifications, then it is also an example of lead generation.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is a marketing process of finding out potential customers who are more likely to become a customer immediately or maybe sometimes later (Lead is simply a person who can be converted into a customer). It may be accomplished in various sources like Digital Marketing, through bulk SMS, email database, through calls or through mobile video advertisement.

What types of companies do you work with?

We work with startups to huge companies across multiple industries. Check our industry page for more information.

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Note: We do not sell email databases. Rather your lists are worked from the scratch by our research team.

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