Project Description


Amazon, ebay and Multichannel

Nature Of The Project:

The project objective was to fill the product details in the corresponding templates.

Project Execution/ Outcome:

Based on the requirement of the project, we have filled the templates with the following information. (where UPC is provided by the client)

  • Product Titles
  • UPC and SKU
  • Parent/Child variations
  • 5 Key Features
  • Product Description
  • Product type, color, manufacturer & brand
  • Links of Main and other images
  • Item Condition
  • Map Price & MSRP
  • Item Offer (if given)

Likewise we have worked on Amazon, eBay and Walmart marketplaces.

There are four basic steps to use the Inventory Loader File template:

  1. Download the Inventory Loader File template from the templates table on the Pre-Built Templates page. Save the template.
  2. On the Inventory Loader Template tab, enter a SKU, product identifier, and listing data for the items you want to offer for sale. You can manually enter listing details one-by-one, or if you have macros enabled, you can import an existing file containing your listing information using the Import File macro.
  3. Check the information you entered for errors. If you have macros enabled, you can automate this process by clicking the “Validate” button from the file menu. The macro checks data completeness and greatly reduces upload failures due to input errors.
  4. Use the “Upload File” macro from the file menu and enter your selling account email and password.

Technology Used

  • Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets

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