Project Description



Nature Of The Project:

To promote your brand and boost product visibility through advertising for amazon customers

Project Execution/ Outcome:

Amazon Marketing Service

  • Amazon Campaign Services
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • A+ Content

Amazon Campaign Service

When shoppers click on your ads they can be directly taken to your product detail page or other customized page on to close the sale. A robust dashboard helps you gauge impressions, clicks, considerations, sales, and more. We basically work on Google adwords to create campaign for the listings which is active in your account.
This creates impact on gradual increase on your sales. Choose smart bid to let Amazon decide the best placement for your brands.

Enhanced Brand Content

Adding Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, also known as EBC to your product detail pages may result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively

EBC enables Brand Owner sellers to modify the product description field of their branded ASINs and allows brand sellers to describe their product features in a different way by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements. We create you the content, add story according to your product and we do photoshop to your products to match amazon policies.

Note: EBC is open to sellers who have been approved as brand owners through Amazon’s Brand Registry process

A+ Amazon Content

A+ Content integrates detailed product descriptions, rich images, charts and narrative copy to help customers make informed buying decisions.
This is payable feature in amazon.

Its looks like template in description part. We work the Photoshop and Description part to increase your sales.

Technology Used

  • Google adword
  • Adobe Photoshop

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