In today’s digital world, every business aims to sell its products/service or create their brand awareness. Every business wants sustainable growth and it is a well-known fact that the CUSTOMERS contribute to the core part of the growth. Here is where our key point comes to existence — Email marketing importance and its facts.

In such a dynamic atmosphere MARKETING is a must for every business, be it a billion-dollar business or start-ups, everyone needs to invest a part of their budget in marketing.

The question is does every dollar spent on marketing have ROI? The frank answer is NO! The craziest truth is that majority of the businesses aren’t able to find the best way to market their service. Before knowing about email marketing importance let us see how to identify it.


Identifying the mode of marketing your service means getting a step closer to your targets!!! Are you looking to market your service by best of its kind? Then you must try out Email Marketing.

Though there is an existence of several channels of Marketing such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, etc. Email Marketing still remains the topmost among the other marketing channels.


Not limited to the above, here are THE 7 IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT EMAIL MARKETING that keeps it going even today!

1. Personal And Targeted:

Emails serve these two purposes simultaneously. That is, if your service needs to be explained and understood by the Marketing Manager, there is nothing to do in speaking with the CEO/Director of the company. Using emails you can interact with the Marketing Manager directly which has a higher possibility of conversion.

2. Easy To Share:

Let your targets be in the North Pole or the South Pole, emails can reach them well ahead of another strategy. There is no geographic limitation for emails.

3. Immediate Response:

This is the prime area where emails stand apart. Since mails are targeted, it takes only a few seconds to reach the targets and initiates them to respond with their interest. i.e. It’s very much easier for you to track whether they are interested in your service or not.

4. Return On Investment (ROI):

Again, this is the crucial part where almost all marketing channels fall behind Email Marketing. The chance of getting a million or billion-dollar business through email is much more when compared to other marketing channels. But the thing is that your service should deserve value.

5. Trackable And Ease Of Modification:

Yes! The results for the time and money that you have invested is very much trackable, you can be able to see it almost from the next minute of launching your marketing campaign. If you feel that some changes are to be made, you can modify the content of the email or the targets which are emailed to, before proceeding further. It’s easy, isn’t it??

6. Brand Building:

Emails help to build your brand, both with the existing customers and new potential leads. “Brand has a value and Emails injects value to your Brand”

7. Cost-Effective:

Even a startup company knowing the importance of email marketing can make use of it to the fullest potential due to its low cost. It proves to be cost-effective and ensures maximum utilization.

With nearly two-thirds of all emails being opened on a mobile device, Email Marketing is one of the best tools you can use to take advantage of the growing popularity of mobile technology.

Got a clear picture on the benefits of Email Marketing? WAIT!!

The successful journey of the flight depends upon the pilot and the aeroplane being used, so if you need a successful breakthrough in Email Marketing you need to make use of updated and targeted list of emails i.e. the emails should be valid and free from bounces and customized email lists ensures that your email reaches only your targeted prospects.

We at Kamsys build a custom list of prospects and their contact details based on your requirements. We care for your business, we care for your Marketing Efforts!