Track, manage and compete on one of the most popular
e-shopping sites

eBay has grown as an ecommerce marketplace giant in the past 2 decades.

Did you know: eBay is the world’s ninth-largest internet company by revenue. Then why settle for less when selling in one of the largest marketplaces!

Our capabilities in eBay Marketplace are


eBay Inventory management

Inventory and stock management helps in avoiding products running out of stock and it also includes refilling products at the right time.


eBay competitor analysis and market research

Keeping up with the latest trends and launching new and profitable products at the right time yields higher revenue. Competitive analysis helps in pricing the product right.


Photo editing & re-sizing

The touch and feel of a product in an ecommerce store are its photos. With the right size and editing, a photo helps customer understand its uses and applications.


eBay listing creation and optimization

Well defined and structured listing attracts the customer and keeps them engaged with the product which in turn helps in bringing more sales. Some of the ebay listing tools in which we are expertise are: Turbo Lister, Auctiva, InkFrog, CrazyLister, CSV files.


eBay Sales Strategies

Using the upsell and cross-sell techniques to feature a list of related items and accessories. This could effectively increase sales opportunities. Grouping of products into a combo and selling in packs is another strategy which can help in building more sales.


Customer service

Success of every ecommerce business lies on how great their customer services are. On time reply and rectification of problems plays an important role in building trust with the customers as well as in maintaining positive feedback ratings.


Order processing

Orders processed and delivered on time builds customer trust. We help in order management, tracking of shipments and any other support till the product is delivered to the customer.


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