We all know that one of the best ways to reach customers is through email and this is where a good email list with target customers is vital. The important point to note while sending emails to the customer is that there is a difference between the number of people on your mailing list and the number of people who actually get your email.

A good email list will increase your chances of reaching potential customers who are interested in your services. On the contrary, a bad email list will make the customers delete, ignore or mark your email as spam which will reduce your reputation, decrease the open and click-through rates and rate of unsubscribing will increase.


The most important aspect of a good email list is to improve your email deliverability rate and the simplest way is to follow the best practices. The key is to practice the process of building and maintaining email lead lists that are optimized for deliverability and make sure it reaches the customer inbox. The effectiveness of email marketing campaigns like sending promotional emails, newsletters and personalized emails to customers depends on a good email list.

The key element is that you should not get the reputation of being named spammer for sending emails to customers who are not interested in your services or who has nothing to do with your service at all.

So it becomes vital to keep your email list clean and target only persons on your list.

Now, let us see some of the prerequisites for a good email list:

Create Email Preferences Page And Make Contacts To Opt-In:

A most effective and simple way to keep your email list clean is by setting up an “email preferences page” and providing a link at the bottom of your emails next to the “unsubscribe” link. An email preferences page allows subscribers to self-select the type of emails they want to get and will reduce the number of unsubscribing and spam emails. The business can get their own leads by offering relevant content on their website that contacts can organically opt-in.

Data Accuracy Is Integral To A Good Email List:

The key aspect of a good email list is to keep your mailing list current and accurate. Having an email list that is accurate helps to send personalized emails to the target person. Sending emails to unresponsive email addresses can have a negative impact on your domain reputation and IP reputation. Also, an outdated customer email list tends to decrease your conversation and engagement rates. The solution for this is to get the services of an email list service provider who will help to get rid of any unresponsive leads or outdated emails and even replace it with valid emails.

Good Email List Should Have Actual People And Not Role Accounts:

A good email list should contain only people email accounts and not role accounts. A double-check on the email list helps to remove role accounts like sales@, info@, support@, noreply@, etc. in an email list is a good practice to remove them. The good email list is to have the company’s target persons emails and not the generic emails which are used to test opt-ins. These role accounts lead to higher bounce and spam rates that make your email list a bad one.

Proper Segmentation Helps With A Good Email List:

One of the key ingredients to having a successful email list is segmentation. You can segment your target email list based on job title, designation, location, industry, etc. By segmenting your email list you will be able to personalize email communications to your target contacts and experience a greater click-through and conversion rate.


Lower Bounce Rate:

One of the most key benefits of email address verification is a lower bounce rate. A bounce rate greater than 3-5% is a sign that you need to clean your email list. Bounces are often caused by undeliverable email addresses on your list.

Saves Money:

Proper email list validation helps to reduce bounced emails thereby reducing your marketing cost and effort.

More Effective Targeted Marketing:

Verification of emails prevents you from wasting time in mailing irrelevant leads. Effective cleaning and segmenting of an email list helps to target contacts with appropriate messaging.

Increased Conversion Rates:

The conversion rate is an important analytic for a good email list. A good email list will have a list of emails that are valid and bad emails are totally eliminated thereby giving a chance of higher conversion rates.

Increased Email ROI:

A good email list increases your marketing ROI by eliminating the investment in undeliverable emails, reducing bounces, improving your sender reputation, and providing more accurate metrics for decision making.

 Maximize Revenue Opportunities:

The email addresses that are undelivered reduce the sender’s reputation and also mails fall into the spam folder rather than the inbox. A good and clean email list will help you to get better inbox placement, focus on customer engagement, and increase revenue opportunities through segmentation and targeting.

To sum up, when you look to build or buy an email list, the important element is to find the best email list building service providers. When you are in a search to find the email list providers, you will come across a lot of bulk email providers having readymade email leads for sale and can lure you into buying them. So, it’s very important to note that in most cases those email leads will lack quality and will have outdated leads that can harm your business.

A good email list can be built only by an expert who specializes in email list building services, understands your requirement and makes sure that you get a quality list that is current and updated.

A good email list is a well-crafted diamond and an expert list building service provider is the craftsman.