Over 65% of marketers globally believe generating traffic and B2B lead generations is a brand’s most difficult job. This process is only made even more challenging by typically poor B2B communication. Whilst the implementation of Gamma communication services might reduce the problems associated with the latter, more needs to be done regarding lead generation. However, lead generation isn’t the only task companies need to worry about. Developing and nurturing quality leads from sources is a more demanding and important job.

48% of all B2B marketers feel that the long lifecycle, the numerous participants in the decision-making process, and the need for multiple influencers make B2B lead generation more difficult and time-consuming than B2C lead generation.

In these circumstances, B2B companies can benefit from professional help in finding and nurturing premium-quality leads.

Seven reasons why you should outsource your B2B lead generation activities to professionals

Not every company has the resources or the expertise needed to generate valid and reliable leads. In these cases, outsourcing lead generation to a company which specializes in it will be the best thing to do. You could click here to find out more!!

Here are seven benefits that B2B companies will receive if they outsource their lead generation to specialists:

  • You will have access to expert knowledge, skills, and technologies
    Lead generation companies will have years of experience working with companies of all sizes and from all industries. This makes them particularly knowledgeable and skilled in handling a diverse set of requirements. Additionally, lead generation companies will also have state-of-the-art technologies, software, and tools in place to conduct lead generation activities, which you may not have. By partnering with these specialists, you will have years of expertise and superior technology at your disposal.
  • You will have more time on hand for critical activities
    Outsourcing lead generation entails that you won’t be doing it in-house yourself. This means you’ll be spending less time worrying about lead generation and focusing more time, effort, and finances in converting quality lead into customers. With your lead generation partner taking care of all lead generation activities, you have more time to focus on activities and tasks that are important for you and which you specialize in.
  • Your expenses will reduce tremendously
    Did you know lead generation activities cost anywhere between $150 & $250 per cycle and they can only guarantee a 5%-15% conversion rate? This can be really expensive for firms which don’t have a large operating expense. Outsourcing lead generation can help you reduce these expenses by up to 10%. You will then have more finances at your disposal to focus on your core business operations.
  • You’ll have a better reach towards the Who’s Who of your industry
    B2B lead generation specialists make their bread-and-butter by networking with people from various B2B industries. They will know who the gatekeeper is, who the key decision-maker is in an organization and who isn’t. This knowledge will help reduce your time to leads by quickly making available the telephone numbers, email addresses, and social profile links of important people from prospective clients. This way, outsourcing B2B lead generation can help you reach your customers faster than your competitors can.
  • You will get the most relevant leads
    Professional lead generation companies use a very customizable approach to help you find qualified leads. They seek information from you to understand your business, your target customer, your ideal client’s target market, your competitors and so on. They use this information to find and create the most-ideal lead-lists for your business. This level of personalized service helps you find the most relevant leads who have the highest chance of a conversion.
  • You will be able to expand and scale operations very quickly
    Lead generation companies will have specific teams of employees dedicated to different geographies, niches, markets and so on. By outsourcing your B2B lead generation tasks to them, you will have the opportunity to gain leads from various markets. This offers immense benefits to companies looking to scale-up their business or expand their business overseas. Now, you won’t have to spend additional time and resources to source overseas leads. You can get multiple lead-lists from your lead generation partner.
  • You will have access to the best practices and the latest trends
    No matter how stringent your in-house lead generation practices, you may never be able to replicate the world-class practices and processes that experienced B2B lead generation companies have in place. Since these companies specialize in lead generation, they will always keep their eyes peeled for changing trends, technological developments, and changes in benchmarked practices. By outsourcing your B2B lead generation to these experts, you will receive the most sophisticated service and be ensured of top-quality leads. At Kamsys, we are a reputed B2B lead generation specialist based in Tamil Nadu, India. We can help you find reliable and pre-vetted leads.