From Education to Healthcare, from Institutional to Utility – We
have an impressive, proven track record of success
across industries

We have a strong track record of successful project
delivery across multiple industries.


Banks and financial service companies succeed with a data-first, data-driven approach

Banking & Finance

There’s a reason that automobile companies zoom ahead on positive sales performances- Data.

Commercial / Institutional

Connecting dots and presenting vital links backed by insightful data, commercial/ institutional decisions are made systematically, realistically and strategically.


Realizing the full potential of education-related data for parents, students, teachers, and administrative authorities.


With Healthcare Data, there are tangible improvements in patient care and well-being.


Adapt, Re-strategize and Respond with hospitality data that works.


Set the cash-registers ringing with actionable data collection and analysis.


Glean insights on aid spending with accurate, reliable aid data

Real Estate

Spot market trends before others can. Leverage data to your advantage.


Across-the-board data-driven reports that help business grow.

Suppliers and Distributors

Collect, collaborate and move ahead with confidence. Product and supplier data that empowers retail.


Air, road, maritime or rail, gain from an accurate, updated transportation database.


Analyse, examine and determine which technology will work for you and which will not.

Utility Industries

Determine usage patterns, solve real-time issues, implement new mechanisms with Utility data.

Water and Wastewater

Efficiently run water systems and wastewater treatment plants. Recognise, rectify, re-calibrate!