Project Description



Nature Of The Project:

The project objective was to set-up an Amazon store, add products, write content, edit photos, and continuously optimize the listings using buyers’ search terms to increase sales.

Project Execution/ Outcome:

We did enough research on the products in Amazon and we used keyword tool to get buyers’ search terms for the best optimization. Once we were done with the above, we started optimizing the product. First we built the relevant title by using the format of Brand name, Product name, one of its best key feature / benefit on which buyers will get attracted towards it and pack details. Next we started working on 5 key features about the product like material, warranty / guarantee, application, etc.,

Then we did Product Description where we explained additional features, specification and used effective keywords instead of writing the exact product name again and again. Further we separated backend keywords for listing like subject matter, intended use, target audience, other attributes and search terms. Finally using Photoshop, we edited photos for white background and changed the pixel resolution to 1000*1000 for Amazon’s regulation.

To bring sales and improve our listings, we did rank tracking for the products continuously, changed the keywords often and analyze other sellers’ listings.

Technology Used

  • Amazon Keyword Research tool to find the keywords.
  • Adobe PhotoShop

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