Project Description

Type of Industry:


Nature of the project

The project objective was to build a database with details of venues (pubs, bars, clubs) in UK that host live music. Their client’s requirement was to find the Owner/Founder, CEO, President of the venues. The required fields to be found were: Venue Name, Website, First Name, Last Name, Role, Email ID, Address, Contact Number, Type of the venue.

Project execution/ outcome

We had used two techniques for the project execution

First Technique:
List of pubs, bars, clubs were collected from various directories in UK and we checked whether they host live hip hop music. Some directories directly contain hip hop music venue names which made our work much easier.

Second Technique:
We gathered a list of live Hip Hop music events from various event booking sites from which we obtained the name of Venues. After collecting the venue list we worked on it for betterment and from that we found the details like owner name and company details based on the client’s requirement.

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