When it comes to business, the customer is the king (and queen of course!). Having the need to connect with their customer effectively, every business first chooses their target market and look for their customer’s contact details (mail ID & phone number).

For that, their first step will be to find out who the best Email database vendors are? Purchasing a readymade database of emails is an effective strategy prevailing in today’s marketing world. But, from where and whom should we buy those mailing addresses is still a debatable topic among all business heads.

We have done a complete study on this and have come up with a list of top email database vendors in the industry

  • Zoominfo
  • Hoovers
  • InfoUSA
  • Manta

These companies provide bulk email database of businesses. They are capable of delivering email lists even in terms of millions within minutes of time as everything is pre-fetched and readymade. Process of obtaining an email list from them is like:


Now It’s Time To Pull The Brake And Look At The Warning Sign!!

The prime objective of buying an email database is to connect with your targeted customer effectively and anchor your service in their mind. But…, let me ask you a question here. Are you sure that all the contact details (emails and phone number) you receive will reach your targeted customers? And, above all, is all the email IDs are of good quality (not mentioning quantity here) making your effort worth?

Let Me Use Some Examples Here:

Your target customer who worked in a company last year might work in a different company now. CEO of a company might have changed his mailing address from xxxyyy@zzz.com to xyyy@zzz.com. A pre-fetched readymade list won’t be accurate in such information. Even a small change in the mail ID can bring a major impact on your marketing strategy.

The emails you receive in the form of bulk email listings or email database are not structured for a client’s perspective request, so you can’t expect to have a list comprising of all specific information you needed. A readymade list has details of the email ID, the designation of a person, phone number, address and website of a company, but a properly researched mailing list has email ID, designation, digital contacts of a particular person, and phone number, address, website, revenue, size of employees, social media contact of that company, and so on. A readymade list is already generated in a bulk order and kept ready for sale. In this case, your competitor might also be using the same mailing list you are approaching your customers with.

You would be delighted to see 5000 to 10000 emails in a bulk list you receive, but beware to not feel heart-broken to see only 3000 (approximately just 30%) out of that reach your targeted customers (emails) while the rest of them bounces back to you.

In some cases, in a readymade email database, among the CEOs mail IDs, there will be some wrongly fetched mail IDs of a BDE or HR. During that your mails will be marked to the spam folder, the user (not your targeted customer) won’t mind initially but at the long run the result would eventually be “The failure of your marketing campaign”. Also, if a large number of users who were registered under RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) mark your emails as spam, then the RBL can blacklist your IP address, blocking all emails from it.

How A Mailing List Should Be!

  • Quantity is an attractive term but Quality is the primary factor of all.
  • A sign of a good email list is a low bounce rate. A zero bounce rate means all mail IDs are valid and has reached your targeted customers.
  • Your targeted customer might have changed domains or tend to use a new mail ID now, for that complete analysis on their online contacts should be made through quality resources and tools, to fetch their correct, currently-active mail IDs.
  • Verification should be done on every checkpoint to ensure your targeted customers are targeted well.
  • A large quantity of emails delivered in quick time sounds good, but again the quality is important. Thorough research on the customer’s contacts and hand-picking the valid email IDs in quantity requested by the clients is the right method of building a mailing list.
  • The email lists provided should target a wide variety of industries and must provide designations of all levels when specified.
  • The multi-layered verification process should be done on the mail IDs before it is marked as valid to ensure a possible reply from your targeted customer and prevent any bounce backs.

Hope you all have got a clear idea about how an email list should be, and I believe your perception towards the lists you receive hereafter will be different.